Since we reduce Segmentation by behaviors in this case we can segment by behaviors or ways of acting of the users. Some examples might be commuters, engag shoppers, or techies, among others. Detail targeting in Facebook Ads Custom audiences this is one of the ways to segment audiences that will help you the most, since you can create your own custom audience bas on the users who have visit your website, your Instagram profile, your Facebook page , etc. As you will see in the image, there are various data sources that you can indicate to Facebook so that it can generate that personalize audience that best suits your nes.

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Targeting by custom audiences in Facebook Ads Lookalike Laos Email List Audiences Once you have creat your custom audience, you can create a lookalike audience. You will be able to set the origin that will be one of the various custom audiences that you have creat and configure an audience size, which goes fromto. Tip the larger the audience, the less affinity of interests the similar audience will have try not to deviate much more than %. Similar audience targeting in Facebook Ads Remarketing or retargeting it is about directing our campaign to those people who have previously view our ad and have shown some.

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Interaction with it, either by clicking on the web or WS Phone List commenting or liking it. You are usually shown an ad relat to the product or category you interact with when viewing our first ad. If you ne more information on how to segment audiences and create audiences, you can consult the complete guide on how to create audiences on Facebook here . Types of traffic and temperatures It is important to know this information, since without knowing the type of traffic or its temperature, it will be difficult for us to direct our campaign to the appropriate public, since each temperature marks a phase of user maturation in relation to our product, or a level of knowlge of our product. For this reason.

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