Until the meeting, we get acquaint with the information from you. In the case of complex projects, we also help to write documentation or develop mockups during our design workshops with the client . Importantly, after the workshop, the materials remain in your possession, even if you decide not to cooperate with us. In a situation where your idea.

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A website is not extensive and the website only requires minor changes, there is no ne to prepare a brief. We then develop a list of questions Israel Mobile Database and organize meetings with our technical team at further stages to clarify the details. 3. Discussing the details of the project during the initial interview The initial interview is a special moment for us, because for the first time we have the opportunity to get to know you a little better.

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During the meeting, we discuss the information you previously provid to us. We ask questions to get to know your business WS Phone List better, understand your goals and functionalities that you want to implement on your website. We also talk about the budget. During the meeting, we also discuss how we can carry out individual tasks relat to the project. You learn how we can use the services we offer to meet your specific expectations.

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