Improve the spe of your Offers several payment options It is important that you know your consumer and the usual payment methods they use. It offers different payment options , but without forgetting the basic ones such as Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. abandon-carts -Your website must be secure and generate trust This is one of the most important points. Nobody wants to provide their payment details to make a purchase on a website that does not inspire trust and is not secure.

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For this it is important that your website Romania Mobile Database has password encryption and SSL certificates , (this is a certificate that will appear in the URL of your website, they ensure that the website is safe). It also includes secure payment stamps. In addition to these guarantees, it is important that your website enjoys real and positive reviews from users. a positive previous experience from other buyers. -Make contact easy When making a purchase, doubts may arise, and it is important that these are resolv as soon as possible.

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Answering or not answering the doubts WS Phone List and questions of the users can mean the difference between a conversion or a cart abandonment. Make sure that the contact within the web is visible and try to respond as soon as possible to all users. ocial mia. -Install plug-ins that encourage the purchase For example: shopify offers a very interesting plug-in for this question. It is responsible for sending an email automatically with a discount percentage, to users who have abandon the cart in the last hours. – ecommerce Spe ​​on a web page is vital. if it takes more than seconds to load. To spe up the loading spe of your ecommerce.

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