Droptica is a proud silver partner of Infoshare The motto that represents the main mission of the Infoshare conference is Share what is worthy and it couldn’t be more accurate. According to these words , business representatives, marketers, investors and startups will meet for two days at AmberExpo in Gdańsk to talk about the future of technology and share their experiences, thoughts and ideas.

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The Droptica team will be present on May 24-25 at the Infoshare 2023 technology conference in Gdańsk. We agree that it’s important to inspire each other and follow technological changes. That is why we are glad that we are Costa Rica Mobile Database the silver partner of this conference and we can participate in the event to build valuable business relationships and expand our knowlge. During the two days there will be many opportunities to learn about innovations, the latest trends and more.

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An overview of inspiring presentations on Infoshare. The conference space will feature as many as nine thematic stages. Inspire ( trends and WS Phone List technological challenges. Arena ( tips on growth and business strategy), Marketing, DevTrends, Dev Architecture, Dev Java, Dev Front-end , Dev AI and Dev Cloud&DevOps. Let’s take a look at the most exciting attractions from our point of view. Infoshare’s agenda is full of inspiring speeches by experts from around the world.

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