The staff augmentation model is beneficial in the IT industry because large projects require highly specialized teams. When companies do not have the burden of hiring and retaining developers, they focus on core business objectives.
With the staff enhancement approach, you only pay developers for the work done. In addition, it eliminates all recruitment, training, or any other expenses involved in the hardware or software requirements.
Thus, you can expect your dedicated offshore developers to start working immediately.

Hiring is a Lengthy Process

Companies are in a hurry to fill vacancies because the productivity of the entire business is in danger. The major problem is the total amount of time that is company data spent on finding. Onboarding, hiring and training a new set of employees while assigning them tasks.
Glassdoor said that the hiring process takes about 23 days to complete. This number may increase or decrease according to hiring practices. When you hire a developer, it takes at least a month to get them on board. The developer is then trained for at least two weeks to a month before starting to work on peak efficiency.

Turnover is High Staff Augmentation 

As the economy improves, hiring developers in office premises WS Phone List becomes more challenging. The IT staff augmentation model has the potential to deal with this issue extensively.
This provides the company with skilled individuals having a stable capacity and workforce. Unexpected resignations do not impede the productivity of deliverables.

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