In this area, business intelligence applications would also be a form of disruption. Distribution : using new channels, it is possible to sell products in a disruptive way. For example: online sales, at the time; or the sale of luxury products in retailers. BTL and ATL activities : not only in digital marketing, but also in the field of traditional communication, it is possible to carry out disruptive strategies base on creativity and the innovative use of available resources.

The Dangers Of Digital

As Seth Godin rightly mentione in his book “The purple cow”, it is necessary for the brand to stand out just as a purple cow would Kenya Mobile Database do in the midst of white cows. The important thing is always to stand out and provide differential value, while respecting the values ​​and positioning strategy. Today’s world is disruptive. In it, the desire to be different reigns.

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Advances Almost In Parallel

Than ever, innovation is the great goal of entrepreneurs. Disruptive products, in all their aspects, reach the market with new proposals, unthinkable ideas and great facilities. It is expecte that the term coine by the Harvard professor will never WS Phone List lose meaning and, surely, it will not stop surprising.During practically the entire month of July 2015, the Ministry of the Environment has submitte to public information the new State Framework Plan for waste management.


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