The majority of consumers it has been proven we are bad at math or, better said by Poundstone , we will make the decision that requires less resistance or effort. Thus, we will find a product offere at “8 instead of 10” more attractive than an Bad at math offer of “7.76 instead of 10”, even if the latter means greater financial savings. We want stories. Our minds nee justifications to support the price decision.

Need To And Have A Routine

Generate a purchase story it is necessary for prices to have references, be associate with a certain quality or flee from extremes of value. Many Benin Mobile Database experiments have been carrie out in this field. Let’s imagine that we enter a store and the first thing we see is a bag that costs 7,000 euros, we continue walking and find a watch for 200. It will seem to us that, regardless of its quality.

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A Nod For It Managers To Pay Attention

The watch has a good price, since the first price of the bag It has set us a reference for price, value and quality of the establishment’s offer. Actually, our mind WS Phone List has generate the story to justify the purchase of the watch. Obeience. Most of the consumers are obeient and we let ourselves be guide by the indications that they give us.


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