Such as government policies Exist within the organization. Customers _ is the cornerstone of analyzing the overall business situation. including target groups Buying or using behavior, market size, market growth rate form of purchase purchase frequency including channels for purchasing products Competitors _ Competitor analysis will allow us to see the situation in the market we are in, including strengths, weaknesses, brand positions. market share and business plans of competitors Relat person (Collaborators) external stakeholders that cooperate.

Political factors that affect

With organizations in a mutually Hungary Mobile Database beneficial partnership, such as agencies, suppliers, all relevant business partners. It is important that we understand the potential of those stakeholders as well. In order to be able to identify problems in doing business. Environment Context (Climate Context) Environmental analysis by evaluating external environmental factors that affect business, such as PESTEL Analysis that requires knowlge of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal conditions that affect the business operations that we should pay attention to. In fact, the C Framework is very similar to the SWOT analysis we do in the early stages of pre-starting a business.

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Political P and business opportunities

Bt there is a deeper analytical WS Phone List perspective. that goes into detail to analyze customer groups, competitors, stakeholders and the environment that affects business The more information we can find, the more helpful it is to identify the problem. and business challenges for the opportunity to develop the potential of the organization even betterIn doing business, there are often many factors that affect both positively and negatively on our business. that we ne to consider before executing any business plan There are both internal factors as well as external factors. PESTEL Analysis is the analysis of external factors that affect our organization and business. which reflects both obstacles and opportunities for doing business, consisting of factors in different areas as follows.

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