According to Hubspot writer Elissa Hutton, Surprises on digital marketing analytics. Are the “translation of customer behavior into actionable business data.” Analytics helps marketers understand consumer behavior, psychology and the relational dynamics between consumers and the brands they use. In many traditional marketing methods, the main difference between digital marketing analytics and manual processes is that in many traditional marketing methods, marketers rely on measurable data to understand consumer behavior. In other words, what can we learn about consumer actions from statistical data (metrics)? What Can You Learn from Digital Marketing Analytics? We mostly refer to website performance when we talk about digital marketing analytics.

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There are other marketing platforms, such as emails, social media, apps, etc. So, what can digital marketing analytics tell us about your site’s performance? Here are eight valuable insights you should be interest in: 1. Site Visitors Have you ever Burma Business Email List heard of website cookies? Google places these cookies on your site using a tracking code to track visitors. You can gain many insights into visitor behavior using tools such as Google Analytics. 2. Page Views With analytics, you can view how many times people visit a page on your site. It lets you know which pages are getting the most traffic and who is visiting them (first-time or returning visitors). 3. Sessions One of the more interesting types of analytics is sessions.

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They tell you what visitors are doing and where they are going when they land on your site. 4. Bounce Rate The bounce rate is the percentage of people that visit your site but don’t do anything before leaving. You can learn what you need to improve on WS Phone List your website just by the absence of activity. 5. Clickthrough Rate The clickthrough rate measures a wide range of user activities, from how often someone clicks on an internal link, to a buyer’s journey (navigation) to the effectiveness of a call to action. 6. Conversion Rate The total number of actions a user takes on a lead magnet is compar to the number of site visits.

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