Purification And Reuse would be necessary to conclude that it would be normal for the rights to receive processing wages to be recognize. Consequently, a situation is reveale that must be taken into account by companies that, due to the difficulties their business models are going through, find themselves in the pressing context of having to lay off workers on leave of absence. So, when the impossibility of the reinstatement of certain employees who are going to be dismisse is verifie.

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Employers must take into account that they may have to face additional expenses relate to the payment of the corresponding Kuwait Mobile Database processing wages. What does the judgment of the Supreme Court indicate? First of all, it is worth summarizing what this key sentence expresses in the interpretation of the differences regarding dismissals and the payment of processing wages. It should be remembere that the periods during which an employee is on voluntary.

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Leave does not mean that they continue to receive their salary from the company. However, if the firm ends up failing to comply with the obligation relate to its reinstatement to work; His situation, for the purposes of receiving processing WS Phone List wages, will be equivalent to that of a worker who has been unfairly dismisse. Therefore, in this regard, he acquires the same rights as an employee who has been unfairly dismisse. The employer will have the obligation to compensate the worker for the damages cause.


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