Term results such as  The short term like topical content, but it has a positive effect on SEO in the long run. Both Topical Content and Evergreen Content are different but have their own benefits. Let’s ask each other questions about what kind of content our brands should use. The answer lies in the marketing objectives of our brand. And who is our target group before deciding to create content that hits the heart? If we see the whole picture We will see what kind of content is suitable for our brand. Some brands may be a good fit for Topical Content, some may be a good fit for Evergreen Content, and sometimes both are possible.

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Indeed, Neuromarketing Content creation Pakistan Mobile Database has become one of the strategies for inbound marketing due to the rise of brands or products and services. From before, it was the era of sales. Entering the age of marketing And now it’s the era of content making. For the content format that we are writing, there are mainly formats together: Topical Content Content that occurs in a real-time manner, which has the advantage of presenting a story that can immediately attract people’s attention at that time.

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It has a direct effect on generating WS Phone List traffic on the website for short term searches. Which topic must be able to attract well in order to see clear results. Because comes quickly and quickly. being in the spotlight for a short time Examples of this type of content are industry news. News activities or events that are going on or currently occurring. Company press releases. or writing content about summaries from meetings or seminars that is of interest to the general public Evergreen Content Content that takes a long time to write. It’s often a story that creates long-term value.

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