That exists between Good luck! I hope these tips on how to be a freelance can help you to better perform your professional activity as a graphic designer. The golden ratio has been assign many different definitions and names throughout history. If we review old texts, we can find references and denominations such as the golden number, the golden number, the golden number, the phi number (not the pi number), the golden section, the golden measure or the divine proportion. The discovery of this proportion or number caus quite a stir in the sciences and the arts. Besides, it has haunt artists, designers, architects, and all kinds of professionals in search of visual perfection, for centuries.

What is the air ratio

To know the golden ratio well, we must first enter the world of geometry. In this article i am going to tell you a little about its origin and history. We are going to know many of the truths and myths of the golden ratio, and some terminology. At the end you Colombia Mobile Database will be able to find a small conclusion, since i want to share with all of you a more personal opinion. A bit of history to know the origin of the golden ratio we ne to go back to the 16th century. Leonardo pisano, also known as fibonacci, was a famous italian mathematician who help spread the decimal-bas arabic numeral system that we still use today throughout europe.

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What is the Fibonacci sequence

The great discovery of this mathematician was the Fibonacci sequence, which later gave rise to the golden ratio. This proportion would come to be relat to beauty or nature, and us in art and painting for generations. Surely the name sounds WS Phone List familiar to you from some math class from your childhood. We speak of an infinite numerical sequence. It is as follows etc. In the Fibonacci sequence, the sum of two consecutive numbers always results in the next number. In addition, the relationship is getting closer and closer to a specific number the golden number.

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