In addition, these profiles offer valuable content both for candidates who are in an active job search process and for those who are passive. These strategies offer prospective employees a way to stay in touch for a long period of time. Social networks also make it possible to customize messages and content to the nees of the different profiles that the company must have, such as those applying for a job, employees or those who are considering returning.

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They also offer regular information on the new lines of business and company policies, through bulletins and newsletters; and personalize news or offers, according to the profile of the candidate and the specific nees of the company Taiwan Mobile Database at that time. Positive employee appraisal 2.0 Companies are force every day, more to internally integrate digital culture.

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This reason, brands must promote and value the active use of social networks by employees: both the internal ones, which were previously describe; like the public ones, that everyone knows about. And it is that the experts affirm that the WS Phone List more connecte they are, the people have more and better relationships and are more informe and better prepare. The Human Resources departments value, in selection processes.


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