Your hosting provider is responsible for keeping the web server up and running, as well as protecting it from any possible attack. If we ne to create a web page, the first thing we must do is find a hosting company that can provide us with space on the server and professional customer service. The provider will help you upload all the files to the use of a platform or manager. It will also link this space on the server through the ip address with your domain. Thus, every time someone types our domain name in their browser, the hosting server will display the web page, transferring all the necessary files to the visitor’s browser.

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That is why it is important that as future clients we always choose the hosting plan that best suits what we ne. It is very likely that your web page will grow over time, and therefore we will ne more and more space on the server. That is why there Armenia Mobile Database are always several hosting plans, which can be adapt to the nes of each particular case. What should a hosting provider offer us? A provider specializ in hosting, in addition to renting us a space within the server. Can also offer other complementary services relat to web hosting. These are the most basic services with which any provider should always help.

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Yo your hosting provider must also have an email manager, so email account with your domain name. If you are a freelance or a graphic designer, avoid working with email accounts ending in il or hotmail and bet on your own account with WS Phone List your domain. This gesture that separates the professionals from the amateurs. Ssl certificate: the ssl certificate (secure sockets layer or secure connection layer) is a global security standard. It allows data through a browser and a web server. Any web page, but especially e-commerce, must have an ssl certificate that is renew annually. Talk to your hosting provider if you don’t already have one.

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