Which shows the satisfaction of an employee who feels good in his daily work because he feels that he is value and recognize by his company. When the communication between the company and the workers is adequate, the employees do not feel like a simple number and their level of involvement increases. In addition, it should be taken into account.

The Lack Of A Solution

That there are different psychological profiles and, while there are some employees with a clear orientation towards Denmark Mobile Database achievement and who do value the economic factor more than other emotional aspects; there are also other workers who are motivate by positioning. In other words, what they value most is feeling good in the team.

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That Is Sometimes Typical Of These Conflicts

Since this well being nourishes their self esteem. A value proposition must respond to the nees of different psychological profiles. For an WS Phone List employer value proposition to be successful, it is not only essential to analyze the advantages themselves, but also the communication between the manager and the employee must take place in a context that inspires trust in the worker, since this trust is the basis of creibility.


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