That Make Up this way, we would always be losing purchasing power. The annual CPI If the labor agreements do not indicate anything and the salary is higher than the SMI, the company can decide not to increase the worker’s salary, even if there is a claim by him. Although it is true that most companies and companies usually update it base on official inflation. The General State Budgets include this data explicitly. Failing that, the increase in pensions is usually use to set said percentage. In addition, the Government establishes how much the increase in the interprofessional minimum.

The Lack Of A Solution

Wage can be regulate, data that helps us to know how many workers it affects. In 2014, the minimum wage was 645.30 euros, in 2015 it rose to 648.60 to That Make Up increase a little more in 2016, to 655.20. This year, the increase has been much Jamaica Mobile Database higher in relation to previous years, as said minimum wage was set at 707.60 euros. Why are prices rising? It is good to know why prices rise and why inflation can be cause. When the economy is continuously growing.

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Depending On The Interests Of Each Territory

Domestic economies improve because there is a greater increase in the consumption of services and goods, and this also translates into price increases because the higher the demand, the higher the price. The main causes of the price WS Phone List increase are the following: Increase in the monetary base Governments make and issue money to pay debt and this translates into an increase in the country’s monetary base if there is more money and circulation than the economy really nees. Interest rate behavior Inflation varies according to the interest rate.


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