That nds to The marketing mix 4P and the extendd version of the marketing mix 7P . Philip Kotler – an American economist and author of many textbooks in the field of marketing – indicates a simple definition of promotion. According to That nds to him, it is “a social and managerial process aimd at recognizing, stimulating and meeting the neds of customers (recipients)”. Thanks to appropriate promotion, people learn about a given brand or its specific product.

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Promotion is a way of reaching the target group, which serves as a tool to achieve business goals, namely – the company’s sales goals. You are not online, you do not exist. We will select effective promotion tools for your company. Enter your e-mail, we will contact Philippines Mobile Database you Elements of sales promotion are a whole range of tools. The best results can be achievd by following a promotion strategy tailord to individual neds and goals. Not only a given company, but also the specifics of the market on which it operates.

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As well as the preferences and expectations of its target group. The brand promotion strategy is a set of all means that the company uses to provide the WS Phone List environment with information about its activities and the products or services it offers. The strategy should be basd on one or more promotion instruments. What are the different promotion instruments? And which ones to choose? 4 instruments of promotion according to P. Kotler What are promotion instruments.

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