Waste management with a broad perspective: economic benefits Recycling activities and waste management, prevention and treatment promote economic activities that are relate to reuse, such as second hand markets. Many of these activities promote self employment, the integration of people at risk of social exclusion or the strengthening of SMEs and micro enterprises.

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Today, according to the INE, the recycling sector brings together more than 5,000 companies, 95 of them with less than 50 employees Macedonia Mobile Database and with an average turnover of less than 4 million euros. These are SMEs that are deeply roote in the territory and that, in some cases, have investe in advance waste treatment technologies.

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On the other hand, it is worth remembering that, according to the Observatory of Sustainability in Spain, in 2010, waste treatment WS Phone List companies constitute the largest generator of ‘green jobs’ in Spain with 27 of the total for this ecosector. In fact, according to the Ministry of the Environment, if the waste regulations were fully applie in the European Union and Spain and all recyclable materials were recycle, 400,000 jobs would be create, of which 55,000 would be locate in Spain.


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