Know want to hear, want to see to create a good experience. Personaliz Marketing can take many forms. And that we often see each other, such as sending emails by specifying the name of the customer. And recommend products that customers are looking for. Making a product introduction video with the name of the customer. Sending an email or video thanking customers anonymously Sending news and information that customers are particularly interest in. Retargeting products, hotels, accommodation, and tourist attractions. that we often see often on online websites or applications.

That customers really want

Making games for customers to play to collect information that customers are. Interest in and offer suitable products or solutions Costa-Rica Mobile Database to problems back to customers Benefits of Personaliz Marketing Make the consumer experience better Personaliz Marketing enhances a positive consumer experience with a brand. When consumers provide personal information to survey brands in exchange for a discount coupon special offers or providing information about preferences, interests, and products purchas. These data show consumer interest. And consumers hope that information will be kept confidential. Including the expectation of getting something good from the brand to follow.

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Through various forms

If brands use such information to create WS Phone List attractive packages or promotions that meet customer preferences or expectations. And send those information to customers. Whether it is news, events, special coupons, and sending specific messages to customers that are specific to special things such as special promotions just for you. Special products for you and specify the name of the customer accurately and clearly The impression of the brand will definitely occur. More income opportunities that we can identify or determine information or news that customers want to trade individually It will allow us to choose to send products or services.

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