That you execute the  With an average of € . your campaign yet, you’re on time! Do not miss this important opportunity. Take note of these Black Friday strategies for ecommerces. Black Friday for ecommerces: It’s not just a day anymore Experts talk about the “Black Moth” phenomenon . In this way, more interest is creat and given by consuming more time to take advantage of promotions. Therefore, the campaign into three phases: Pre-Black Friday : the consumer is interest and makes thoughtful purchases of higher value Black Friday : it is the moment of “madness”. Shopping is fast and focus on offers.

Friday strategy for ecommerces

Post-Black Friday : It’s the last call. The Slovenia Mobile Database consumer looks for extend offers and anticipates Christmas purchases. This last phase is crucial. In , revenue increas % in the days after Black Friday compar to . Black Friday for ecommerces: Have your website ready % of purchases are made online and half of them through mobile phones. Therefore, to succe on Black Friday, it is essential to have your e-commerce updat. At Miagroup we are experts in programming and web design , so we can help you achieve a good shopping experience and increase your sales.

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Black Friday for e-commerce Black Friday WS Phone List for ecommerces: Focus on last-minute shoppers % of consumers wait until the last minute to make their purchases, more sensitive to discounts. To reach them, make your campaigns inspire purchase urgency with custom CTAs. Black Friday for ecommerces: Appears in Google searches % use the Google search engine to find offers, so you have to make sure you appear in the search engine. to find is relevant product information and discounts directly on the ecommerce website. Developing a Black.

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