There is a follow-up email. , for example, when a customer subscribes to receive news through our website. There should be a confirmation email sent back. Or email thank you when customers download various documents from the website. Send promotions according to various festivals. Including giving importance to good customers with great promotions. Sending different types of emails can make customers interest do public relations online It is the same form of public relations that writes news and sends it to offline journalists.

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Adjust to be on the website and sent Tunisia Mobile Database through various social mia channels because nowadays journalists have communicat through the digital world. Public relations is one of the tools that create a lot of PR coverage for the organization. And we mostly use it for product launches. Launch a new business introducing new executives or social activities of the company Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing approach is to focus on creating attraction or creating satisfaction for customers in every step of the customer journey.

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Customer Journey) by presenting WS Phone List useful information to customers through mia in the form of various which we can use every digital marketing strategy to create a customer experience, such as writing blogs knowlge video making or techniques In fact,echniques in the digital world. But what we have given examples to look at is something that should be given priority. In the age of digital, we can’t do marketing by just one channel. But a multi-channel link is requir. and many methods together Content creation has become one of the strategies for inbound marketing due to the rise of brands or products and services. From before, it was the era of sales. Entering the age of marketing And now it’s the era of content making.

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