What If the only thing you want to know is the CMS of a website. WhatCms.org is the right one for this function. It is a free option, capable of recognizing up to  and is always updating its database. Also, provide external links if you are interested in learning about the hosting provider, WordPress themes, and Shopify themes. What CMS 4.Library Sniffer Library Sniffer is a Google Chrome extension that shows the technologies used by a website. It is a tool that detects which JavaScript libraries or frameworks are used in a web page. And provides detailed information about it such as the version, license or third-party services.

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Library Sniffer Wappalyzer It is also an extension of Google, Wappalyzer is responsible for analyzing and displaying web technologies such as CMS, development frameworks, advertising platforms, among others. Also, it includes information on the Greece Business Email List CMS version, analytical tools or typography. Wappalyzer How to find out the theme in use on a WordPress website? There are tools whose main function is to detect the theme of a website created with WordPress . Some of the ones mentioned above also do that job, but the ones shown below are more specialized in this.  What WordPress theme is that? If what you are interested in is knowing the theme of a website.

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What WordPress theme is that? it is very useful. To use it, all you have to do is enter the url of the web and the tool will provide information about the theme, such as the name, the author, and even some plugins that it could detect. wts 7. Scan WP – WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector Scan WP is an extension for Google Chrome that detects the WS Phone List theme of a website and some plugins that it is using. When identifying the WordPress theme used on a website, it also provides details such as theme name, author, version, and an overview of the theme. In addition, it offers a list of the most popular WordPress themes and plugins, which is useful for learning about trends and popular options.

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