The channel Each printing system has its advantages but also its drawbacks. The offset printing system has been the printing system us par excellence for many years. This is due to the great advantages it offers, although little by little digital printing is gaining ground. Any graphic designer who has ever work with printers will surely be familiar with the term offset. In this article i am going to explain in detail what this printing system consists of and how it is develop. I am going to try to explain how offset printing works, detailing its advantages and also its weaknesses.

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I will present offset printing in a simple and ucational way, without resorting to industry jargon, so that people who are not familiar with graphic arts can understand it too. What is offset printing? How does it work? The first offset printing press was Germany Mobile Database invent at the same time in two parts of the world. First, the british robert barclay develop a version with printing on metals such as tin in and later, the american ira washington rubel did it for printing on paper. The name offset comes from the english “offset printing” and can sometimes also be referr to as “offset.

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We are talking about a printing system that consists of applying ink directly on a metal plant. Offset printing is an indirect printing system, since the image does not go from the plate to the physical support directly, but must first go from the plate WS Phone List to a rubber and, finally, from the rubber to the final support. Precisely thanks to the flexibility of this material, the ink will be able to impregnate surfaces with irregular textures, offering a higher quality. The plates are usually made of an aluminum or metal alloy. We are talking about a process very similar to lithography, from which offset printing has deriv.

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