So you can expect questions about: functionalities, integrations with other systems, interactions with users you expect, the appearance and layout of the website, the structure of the information (in this case, we may ask you to send content such as texts, images, videos, etc.). One of the stages of the customer journey in Droptica is talking to developers about the website design.

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During the meeting, you will learn about the frameworks and tools that developers plan to use and what benefits you can achieve Lebanon Mobile Database thanks to them. They will also discuss with you the issue of navigation, categories, tags and suggest how these elements should be organiz and present on the site. It is worth noting that also at this stage of the path, issues relat to the support of your website after the end of the project will be discuss.

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Therefore, in reference to the specifics of your website, you will receive information on security, updates necessary for its proper WS Phone List maintenance and relat costs. If you have technical people on your team, it would be a good idea for them to attend this meeting as well. 6. Project valuation The information obtain and the arrangements made at the previous stages of the path allow for the appropriate valuation of the project.

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