When a psychology or professional motivation professional sees that we are not happy with our future, he or she does not have to review too many vital gears to find the key. And that’s good because professionals work by the hour. Furthermore, this way we can shave the problems with Ockham’s Razor, without pain and with ease, like the former soccer player Beckham in the advertisements shaves with lies, because if all things being equal the simplest explanation is usually the true one, the fewer possible explanations there are. They better give it to us. It’s called simplicity. In short, there are many types of bad vibes but the causes are few and cowardly.

On attacking them, life may be easier and less like the trouble hotel of the Marx Brothers , those great career counselors . We have already talked about complaints and negative thoughts . They are not a problem in themselves, although they leave you a bit emotionally depressed, but their effects are since they take up time and keep us busy doing useless things, ruminating on ideas and debating with our ghosts, and on top of that they prevent us from doing something useful. , how to look for alternatives, define objectives and pursue them. Bad mood-verbal behavior accounts for or is related to a large part of the problems.

When counselors focus

And dedicate more time to what is important, in this case, learning how to manage and reduce their clients’ complaints, they could kill many birds with one stone in this avifauna of professional development. Do we not dedicate ourselves to what matters or do we dedicate ourselves to what we usually dedicate ourselves to? The Italian economist, Wilfredo executive data Pareto (1848-1923) carried out a study on the distribution of wealth that allowed him to affirm that the minority of the population owned the majority of the wealth and the majority of the population owned the least part of the wealth. . With this he established the so-called Pareto Law according to which economic inequality is inevitable in any society. This discovery made it easier for Dr. Joseph Juan to apply this concept to quality.

Obtaining the 80/20 rule:

If we have a problem with many causes. We can say that 20% of the causes solve 80% of the problem and 80% of the causes only solve 20% of the problem. Therefore, Pareto Analysis is a technique that separates the “vital few” from the “trivial many. Allowing you to focus on the biggest problems to be more efficient. If we used Pareto in the analysis of career WS Phone List development. Professional motivation and job search. We would surely discover that the management of contacts and professional. Networks represent a few causes that solve a large part of the problem and that. On the other hand, the Application of classical candidacy techniques do not provide many solutions.

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