Following this typology, there are a total of 5 different crowdfunding models: Donation crowdfunding: those projects where patrons make contributions without expecting to receive any reward or benefit in return. They participate only for the satisfaction of helping the project.  Reward crowdfunding: patrons make contributions in exchange for a reward, product or experience for their contribution. Investment crowdfunding: patrons make a contribution to shares in the company.  loan crowdfunding: when patrons invest in a certain project, hoping to obtain benefits, even if it is in a symbolic way.

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Donation crowdfunding through a reward crowdfunding terminology here i list some of the terms most us in the campaigns, so that you can understand them the first time. Patron: a patron is a sponsor of your campaign. A person who contributes Armenia Mobile Database through a financial donation to help your project reach its target funding. Early bird: a patron ahead of all the others. Early bird is the name given to the first patrons who participate in the financing of a campaign. Fff’s (fools, friends and family): a fun way of naming the 3 types of people who are most likely to become patrons of your crowdfunding project. Family, friends and some clueless (such as former boss, schoolmates, etc.

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The web page from which you are accessing this article is host under hosting. All the web pages that we access on the internet from our computer or our smartphone are host under servers connect to the r de res. Hosting is the service that we are WS Phone List going to ne to hire if we want to publish our website and start gaining an online presence with our project. Having a website gives us a lot of visibility and favors dialogue with our customers. It also allows us to reach a potential audience of millions of people. There are no clos doors! In today’s article i what exactly a hosting service is, how it works and all the types that exist.

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