Accumulate the most relevant delays, specifie in days. These were the cases, during 2014, of Badajoz 458 , Madrid 318 and Cádiz 307 . The positive silence and the express resolution of FOGASA The aforementione delays have generate an increase in inquiries to FOGASA and also in legal cases relate to this entity. In this sense, it is worth reviewing how positive administrative silence affects its resolutions.

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It must be remembere that administrative silence is understood as a citizen’s guarantee against possible neglect or delays by the Administration in Morocco Mobile Database the performance of its duties. Therefore, the first aspect to verify is within the period contemplate, for issuing a resolution, in article 28.7 of RD 505 1985, of March 6. In the first instance it is three months.

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Counte from the presentation in the form of the application before FOGASA. A specific ruling has serve to assess the effects of positive silence on FOGASA resolutions . This is a particular case on which the Social Chamber of the Supreme WS Phone List Court issue its verdict. An employee went to court, since FOGASA had denie him 40 of his compensation for termination of employment contract.


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