The Different the CPI represents the value of the cost of living, because this index reflects the variation in the prices of goods and services that are consume in different households. This determines that if the price of the products or services that are consume increases, the same amount of money will not be enough to buy them; For this reason, the purchasing power of money is lost with inflation. CPI calculation In order to calculate the CPI, the National Statistics Institute (INE) has develope a work methodology to find out what families.

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Consume through monthly surveys, which are carrie out in all types of businesses. You have to set the shopping cart . Consumers Italy Mobile Database will be interviewe to develop a fixe basket of consumer goods. For example, knowing if they buy two pizzas, several hamburgers, etc. You have to find out the prices . You have to determine the price of each good and service throughout the year and check the variable and its evolution in different periods of time. Calculate the cost of the basket.

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There Are Especially Differences

For this purpose, data on these prices are use to know the calculation of the cost of the shopping cart at certain times. Choose a base year and calculate the index . You have to have a year as a reference to make the comparison with WS Phone List the rest. Once. A this year is chosen, it is calculate using a formula in which the price of the basket of goods and services in the year is divide by the price of the base in the year to obtain a result that is multiplie by 100. On the other hand, it should be note that the CPI is still an imperfect. A indicator of the cost of living because it does not take into account the ability.


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