In addition, these products have the ability to end up forcing others to adapt, again, after the rupture produce. Undoubtely, the appearance in the telephony market of a product like the iPhone meant a change of thinking for everyone and a new way of living telephony. That’s what’s disruptive. However, not all innovation is relate to technology, since it is possible to be disruptive without having to rely on it, although, in general, they are relate issues.

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To understand it more clearly, it is necessary to know what are the elements that make an innovation disruptive: It offers the Israel Mobile Database consumer a response to a nee not satisfie by the market . That is, they solve a problem that had not been solve before with any product. It is base on a sustainable business model , which allows you to earn money to finance its production and marketing.

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Possibly, it can be create, thanks to a new technology that was not previously available and that technology offers the product a WS Phone List competitive advantage that is difficult to match or copy. These innovations can be found in various sectors, such as food, for example, in which the Nespresso brand entere with great success, gradually; or in fashion, with the Zara brand, which marke a before and after, in the world of textiles.


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