In addition, you can improve the customer’s perception of your brand, due to your ability to develop innovations, new features. Or even products and services that better serve your target audience. How does market intelligence help companies? Market intelligence helps different types of businesses in making decisions, going through a process that ranges from building an analytical .Team and presenting relevant information, to a change in attitude and positioning. One of the main advantages of market intelligence for companies is the possibility of knowing the target audience in more detail.

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In this way, you can know how to interpret consumer behavior in depth, which is essential to attract and win them over to become customers of your brand. In addition, market intelligence helps companies to:  Knowing the public’s perception of the product or service Consumer perception of the brand;Assess whether pricing is consistent with the market Croatia Business Email List Identify product differentials;  Know the public in depth (clients and potential clients); Monitor the competition (strategies, directions, growth); Understand the market segment (issues, trends, players and influencers). Market intelligence, data collection and analysis Increasingly, collecting only internal data is no longer enough to translate the complexity of the business world.

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Automate collection of external data is also essential for a good market intelligence analysis. And the best thing is that today there are several technologie available for this. With Big Data, for example, it is possible to build automate systems that collect market information that is important for strategic objectives. Market leading brands have WS Phone List also made use of Growth Intelligence techniques. A concept that, due to its benefits, has been expanding at great speed in organizations. The term, in general, means the use of Big Data and data science to drive growth in Marketing and Sales. The movement to combine new technologies that allow the collection and analysis of data something agile, automated and practical has been gaining strength in the market.

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