The face problems the first phase, the product appears on the market – it is not yet known, which is why the company must invest in its promotion. Demand is growing slowly, revenues are low and promotion costs are high. The face problems key in the first stage is the selection of the appropriate pricing strategy, among: fast “creaming”, slow “creaming”, fast penetration, slow penetration. In the second phase, there is usually a rapid increase in sales. Production and promotion costs are falling.

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This increases the profit. At this stage, the company should focus its activities on expanding distribution channels. In addition, it should strive to strengthen its market position. At the maturity stage, product sales reach their highest level. At the same Iceland Mobile Database time, its dynamics decreases. The market is saturatd with the product, substitutes appear. The company’s task is to introduce appropriate marketing activities that will allow it to keep the product on the market. The fourth phase is a decline in sales and declining profits.

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The key at this stage is to identify the product’s weaknesses.  Analyze the actions taken so far and take appropriate steps. The company can: leave WS Phone List the product on the market, modify the strategy or withdraw the product from the market.Neutral pricing strategy compard to others May 29, 2022 Marketing strategy A company that wants to be successful on the market thinks strategically. Strategic management should apply to every area of ​​the company – also the adoptd pricing policy.

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