Expect offer something that is valuable and useful to customers. Attractive, creating a good experience must try to get into the minds of customers and can deliver what customers want constantly reviewing Customer touchpoints are not something that can be done all at once. But it is one of those strategies that requires planning and figuring out how to fill each touchpoint. that you ne to sit and review and check from time to time Because every day there may be new customer groups and new touchpoints occur all the time. But the most important thing is to improve.

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The customer experience with the Guatemala Mobile Database brand even further. Awareness is the way brands advertise their products or services to people. Interest (Interest) by how the brand presents the information. or benefits of products or services Desire , where brands turn from preferences to nes. Action (Action) by which a brand shifts from wanting to buying that product or service. In the form of A, there are links to external factors that affect customers’ purchasing decisions, such as online communities. friends and family various reviews.

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Including the word of the product WS Phone List or service. and also look at the close relationship as well Let’s see how the A strategy works. A Model Awareness _ It is like a gateway to the consumer’s path. by promoting products or services through various channels, including advertising, social mia, public relations Marketing activities, referrals, and other channels In this phase,  short-term memory. That will help customers remember and remember the existence of the brand. The point of contact with customers in this early stage is knowing the brand name. Brand recall and recognition and learning about our brand from others attract attention (appeal.

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