The general Public relations often uses press releases, speeches, charity events and a PR event . Publicity, on the other hand, is the consolidation of the brand in the minds of the recipients by placing logos, names or products in various The general communication channels and thus causing publicity. Other promotion instruments As part of the promotion, the brand may also use, among others: fairs and exhibitions – a form of direct.

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Contact between consumers and sellers; an instrument of promotion enabling building or improving the image and commercial sales at the Turkey Mobile Database same time, sponsorship – placing sponsors’ trademarks or a message informing about the sponsorship in The general the space; these are activities that combine promotion and advertising with image building and creating relationships with the environment.

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Lobbying – action of an influential group of people for the benefit of a region, social group or institution; in other words, supporting or advertising WS Phone List specific ideas, initiatives, activities, merchandising – consistent logistics and marketing activities that are to bring a certain profit; in the general sense, merchandising is about the appropriate presentation of goods in sales spaces. What promotion instruments to choose.

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