Era may not be as effective as creating a good experience for consumers. No matter how much you spend on marketing, if it doesn’t create a customer experience at all. You are already doing something wrong. because what defines The survival of business today is the consumer, not just an organization, product or service anymore. Let me briefly summarize the origins before the era of Experience that will completely change the form of marketing activities. Back in the early days of marketing what we call Marketing in th.

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Era that focuses on product Egypt Mobile Database centric (Product Centric) by doing P (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) with few players or can be said that only one manufacturer dominates the market. Marketing in the . era that began to focus on customer centricity (Customer Centric) to create customer satisfaction. because there are more players in the market Therefore, having to build relationships with consumers, starting with CRM, CEM, which is the starting point of Experiential Product Customization. to suit each consumer group Entering the . era of marketing that focuses on spirit (Spiritual), focusing on branding more than just selling products.

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Start to create sustainability. marketing, focusing on building a network. Marketing in the . era is a combination of everything, both online WS Phone List and offline, in which every part must be involv. (Collaboration) together to create (Co-Creation) and full use of technology In fact, creating experience Has exist since the earliest times but is different market competitors The complexity of consumer behavior and all elements of technology affect different experiences of consumers. Therefore, making a difference in the consumer experience (Customer Experience) will become a deciding factor for the survival of the business in the future.

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