The Lack Of or computer risks due to inadequate management of the information provide in travel and meal costs. Obviously, personal organization and planning is important to be productive and have optimal performance. As for organizations, companies or businesses, they should assess whether or not it is feasible to implement it, base on the results that can be found in the evaluation of telework, as well as in the analysis of telework productivity . For this reason, it will also be necessary to look for options or alternatives for flexible work in the meium term to be able to implement.

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This work modalityWhen the new year arrives, we find ourselves before the moment to update the rents and salaries of the workers. The question is: how much does the salary rise? It must be borne in mind that salaries are update base Israel Mobile Database on the job or the respective autonomous community. The salary increase is applie base on the CPI and the corresponding group by which the different updates are governe. There is no obligation to apply the CPI, unless the agreement includes a clause that makes it specific and for which the establishe percentage must be applie.

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It is the Ministry of Labor that has information on the collective agreements to be able to know the update of the salaries and if the company is oblige to raise them. In any case, it should be note that the company is not oblige to raise WS Phone List wages if they are above the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI). What is the CPI and what is it for? The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an indicator develope by the National Institute of Statistics in order to calculate the evolution of inflation on a monthly basis . The data is provide the first week of each month.


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