Each website is built with specific technologies, if you are looking for inspiration, surely on more. Than one occasion you have entered different web pages and wondered what CMS , template or plugins you are using. Although there is no way to know everything exactly, there are tools that can help you discover what a website. And, in this article we will discover which are the best tools that can help you obtain that valuable information. So that you can optimize or improve your own websit what cms table of Contents What is a CMS. The 7 Tools to Detect CMS Technology 1.BuiltWith Techs 3. WhatCms.org 4.Library SnifferWappalyzer How to find out the theme in use on a WordPress website? 6. What WordPress theme is that.

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Scan WP – WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector  WordPress Theme Detector How to inspect the source code of a web page? Conclusion What is a CMS? A CMS or content manager is a platform or software that allows you to create and manage websites. It provides an intuitive interface and tools to create and edit content without Germany Business Email List extensive programming knowledge. It has certain functionalities for the creation and edition of content, the management of users and permissions, the administration of multimedia files and the design customization. Several CMS have a wide variety of plugins and extensions to add additional functions such as contact forms or integration with social networks.

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Among the most popular are WordPress , Joomla, Drupal and Magento.  The 7 Tools to Detect CMS Technology Next, we show you the different tools that you can use to know what a website is made of. 1.BuiltWith BuiltWith is a very complete tool that has a large database. It is responsible for tracking and collecting data about the CMS WS Phone List plugins, hosting providers, analytics services and much more. It collects information from thousands of websites, providing an overview of the technologies used on a website, which is ideal for comparative analysis. Built with Techs A widely used option Techs , although it has a somewhat outdated interface, is really very reliable. It offers information on CMS , programming language, web servers, e-commerce management systems and other related technologies.

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