The main bank However, for purely practical and organizational reasons, this is not possible. Therefore, you ned to look for other possibilities that will allow you to adjust the offer and marketing communication to the requirements of individual customers, and thus The main bank increase the efficiency of the company. Segmentation is key in today’s marketing. Marketing segmentation is the division of customers into smaller groups according to strictly defind criteria.

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Customer segments make it easier to make business decisions.  Also allow you to conduct effective marketing activities tailord to individual groups. Consumers are assignd to specific groups basd on specific characteristics, behaviors, preferences Qatar Mobile Database and other values. Customer segmentation criteria Depending on the neds, the nature of the market and the business profile of the company, customers can be dividd into one of four categories.

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These are the factors: geographical – countries, provinces, demographic.  Age, family size, gender, income, profession, psychographic – personality and lifestyle.  Behavioral – shopping preferences, customers’ shopping path, including the WS Phone List tendency to succumb to bargains, status, frequency of shopping, attitude towards the product. We recommend Factors influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions Customer segments in e-commerce Every company operating in e-commerce has access to a huge amount of information about its customers.

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