Also the firm Brooks Brothers of the USA, which has stores in the main cities of the world, offers the possibility of. A customizing its shirts and suits on line. Traditionally, mass customization has been presente as a strategic error , since neither the advantages of differentiation. A nor cost leadership are taken advantage of. However, far from being “caught in the middle.

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Reality shows that if things are done well and current technological possibilities are taken. A advantage of, the numbers come out and the Croatia Mobile Database advantages can be enormous. Recently, in one of the CEREM. A Business School student forums, we have opene. A a debate on the advantages and disadvantages of customization compare to the mass standard product offer.

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We have also collecte several recent examples from many different sectors : Coca Cola free style machines to make your own drinks; id from Nike to have custom made shoes; put. A your photo, colorful messages on the M Ms chocolates; the WS Phone List flag of your region on the Citro├źn DS3 model; Trek’s customizable. A bikes; Caixcard’s vertical and photo cards; and more examples of many other companies that offer their customers various options.


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