Which if we have  Comments on social mia and for our business. Let’s take a look at a simple way to find out the nes of customers. be a good listener Asking for information face to face with customers telephone inquiries or even send a thank you email To ask why customers choose to buy our products and services. It is a simple but effective method for planning improvements of products or services. customers feel that we pay attention to details. We may get both compliments and criticisms, but they are useful in letting us know where to improve.

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Or what  should be done better Show Bolivia Mobile Database empathy with customers. Regardless of whether we receive positive or negative feback from our customers on our products and services. We should listen to customers’ stories and show sympathy if they have bad stories. With support, encouragement, or even congratulations on the successes that they receive from our products or services. which takes himself to know the story of the customer and talk Including trying to understand the situation There is an opportunity to change customers to not post bad stories online.

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To improve and develop

Offer free samples of products WS Phone List or services for customers to use. Offering free samples to customers in case we produce new products It is a test of how our products are. In return, we may send customers a free trial and give them a review. Trying it out for customers will give us feback, which can be either positive or negative. But it’s a worthwhile trial before it goes into production. study competitors By learning from competitors, we can see why this type of product or service is being bought or us by many people. And vice versa, why is this product or service not selling well.

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