Usually, a podcast is direct as if it were a radio program. One or more presenters take part, who can chat with other regular collaborators or interviewees. In podcasts, a particular theme is usually develop for each episode. You do not ne to have a website or blog to be able to upload your content. There are programs like itunes, spotify, soundcloud or ivoox where thousands of podcasters upload their episodes regularly. The very availability of this type of technological platform and favor the spread of podcasts. It may seem like a radio show and a podcast are the same thing. Not exactly, although many radio stations already have their own podcasts.

The radio and the podcast

The podcast came hand in hand with the internet and new technologies. You can understand it as an à la carte radio where we can connect with any theme. It is a flexible and democratic means of communication. The main difference Bangladesh Mobile Database between is the durability or permanence in time of the information. The content broadcast via radio is fleeting and temporary. It is true that practically all radio stations put their content online so that their loyal audience can listen to it even if it is not live, but they usually do so for a limit time. On the other hand, from a podcast you will always be able to access its history and start playing from the first chapter.

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What advantages does a podcast offer

The strong point of podcasts is their format, which offers advantages both for the recording by the authors and for the listening by the listeners. Unlike other formats such as video, where we must pay special attention (among other things) to lighting, recording WS Phone List or iting, with the podcast it is as easy as plugging in the microphone and starting to record. On the other hand, it is also a very easy format to listen to. The listener can listen to the podcast from anywhere and without having to focus his eyes on the device screen, unlike videos.

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