Laboratories, a more efficient use of equipment, computerization and telematization or the improvement of communication, which is always a key element. We present below an example in relation to the improvement of management applying LEAN for a critical element in hospital management, which are emergency services where inadequate resource management could imply changes in the output of the process, that is, life or death.

There May Be Cases in Which

Generally, upon arrival of a patient at an emergency department. A the first thing that is done is to categorize them base Philippines Mobile Database on their severity. In this way, the most serious cases are prioritize. This supposes from the outset an important load of a very repetitive work, that of categorizing. In addition, less serious patients are systematically sent to the end of the queue.

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Obligations Such as Going to Their Job

Which entails very significant delays in their care. A possible alternative could be to generate only two categories: Patients. A who are likely to be able to go home: These would be given a FIFO treatment, that is, first come, first serve and WS Phone List first out. This would. A entail a significant simplification of the classification process typical of the traditional model. Patients who require admission to receive treatment.


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