This feature is especially useful for companies that transfer product details between departments, business partners or development areas. Pimcore is an open source software that allows you to manage different types and volumes of data. Source: Pimcore Although data management is the heart of the Pimcore system, it also provides its users with several other possibilities.

Sending or receiving data

Businesses across industries can easily define product attributes, hierarchies, and variants, set prices and promotions, and define Spain Mobile Database geographic locations. Pimcore can also be us for brand management, print publications and automatic corporate translations. In the latter case, thanks to the integration of Pimcore with Google Translate and the GlobalLink translation memory system, the software enables automatic translation of product information into many languages. What industries use Pimcore.

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Organizations of all sizes and industries choose Pimcore because it not only enables them to improve data quality and control all WS Phone List information when data management becomes too complex. The system also helps streamline product-bas processes, improve productivity, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience. In the rest of the article, we will show how the travel, retail, mia and publishing, manufacturing, e-commerce and distribution industries can use Pimcore to meet their nes. Tourism industry More and more people are now using technology to plan their trips.

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