The thing is that counseling professionals perhaps err on. The side of telling others what they need to do to improve. Their lives without them having requested support and even without them needing it. What’s more, almost all of us are ready to offer lessons to those. Who ask for them or to those who cannot escape the advice. But the majority of clients or employees who request guidance. Mentoring, coaching or professional advice already show signs of knowing many of the recommendations or having applied them, generally without much success. The boatman has crossed them more than once.

In short, the effectiveness

Of advice in helping you define, pursue and achieve your goals is not very clear. What’s more, unsolicited advice is criticism , and the advised creatures usually react by justifying or defending themselves with these executive email list types of statements: “I have already tried everything you tell me, or do you think I am staying still?” “Those things didn’t work, in this company merits don’t count as much as liking the boss.” “Yes, I know that these types of jobs are obtained through contacts, but I have already spoken to everyone.

Do obese people not know

That eating moderately and exercising would be good for them? Couples, saying nice things to each other and sharing hobbies is good for their relationship? Or students, who study a little every day instead of bingeing at the last minute to avoid pre-exam stress and improve results? But the problem may not be so much knowing what to do as doing it. Benjamin WS Phone List Franklin , rather less finely, put it this way: Wise men do not need advice and fools do not follow it. I don’t know if they are stupid, or just not as motivated as themselves or others think.

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