Of layouts You can recreate a photo, a drawing, a painting and many more styles. It can even advise and surprise you with a style select by the AI ​​itself. The new power in Canva through Artificial Intelligence The main goal of these new features is made up of two parts: the ability to streamline the design process along with the ability to create things that were not possible before. All this revolves around one theme: the optimization of creativity. Learn about the new features of Canva: Magic Design Custom template selection generator.

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Download them and continue iting Morocco Mobile Database them with complete freom. Upload an image to the template and select a style. Magic it You have the ability to add or replace an element in an image in a matter of seconds. Magic Eraser Its function is to remove objects from images just by selecting it. Canva Assistant Helps in the search for items and generates recommendations. You can also generate personaliz content at the suggestion of Artificial Intelligence. Beat Sync Auto-synchronization method of video sequences in soundtracks. Translator Generates the translation of the text of a design in more than different languages.

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Magic Write and speech maker. text to WS Phone List image Allows you to create content from text. It includes various formats, from presentations and videos to websites. brand hub Recommend for teams working on Canva. Contains templates and brand guidelines, fonts, graphics, logos, and projects, among other features. Condense everything in one place to facilitate rapid branding. canvas This is how Canva reinvents itself thanks to Artificial Intelligence and its ability to generate images in record time. Keep in mind that the more specific and detail your.

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