A general point of view, we can argue that the strategies are successful if they serve to mobilize all the capacities of the organization towards the routes and the marke strategic objectives. However, some specific metrics are also neee to measure this process. In this sense, there are two types of indicators that are commonly use in strategic implementation.

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These are the KPIs Key Performance Indicators and the KSIs Key Strategic Indicators .. About any of these two words there are abundant El-Salvador Mobile Database documents and reference materials. Key Strategic or Success Indicators KSI are an essential element of strategic planning. They are use to measure the degree of achievement of the business objectives to be achieve. So, linke to any strategic plan.

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There should always be a system of indicators that associate measurements to each of the strategic objectives of said Plan. In this sense, they constitute an essential tool to measure the success in the implementation of strategic plans. They WS Phone List are also an invaluable tool for identifying possible improvements and revisions to the strategies themselves. The Key Performance Indicators KPI normally refer to those indicators that measure the performance of certain areas of the organization base on the objectives set.


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