The big question is how to do this and which paths to choose to design this plan. After all, not all managers and leaders know exactly what market intelligence is, nor how to use it to leave their business one step ahead of the competition. Therefore, in this post, we will explain what market intelligence is and what benefits it has for your company. Good reading! What is the importance of market intelligence? Market intelligence consists of collecting and analyzing data and information to gain insights. That is: the company must look for ways to gather this data in order to be able to analyze it and then obtain ideas to improve the business itself.

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In addition, it is quite common to think that Market Intelligence boils down to competitor analysis. Although this really is one of the main actions, we should not limit ourselves to analyzing only information from the competition, but rather a collection of various pieces of information to build a broader view of possible problems and solutions. What is the difference Belgium Business Email List between market intelligence and competitive intelligence? When you pay attention to information from the competition, through research and market analysis, your company is not caught.By surprise with any new developments. You will have enough time to plan and execute strategies that prevent or reverse bad situations.

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Below are the main differences between market and competitive intelligence  Market intelligence It helps companies create self-awareness and prevents. Addictions to organizational mindset, strategy and behavior from developing, which can be harmful, given that it is not feasible to innovate if we are stuck in old habits. In this way, it becomes possible to use new technologies and trends that arise with more precision and speed. Therefore, keeping WS Phone List an eye on the market can be a precious source of inspiration, to see perspectives. • Competitive intelligence It is used to stand out from the competition, without “surfing the wave” of the market. By knowing your audience, understanding their profile, behavior, purposes and purchase missions, it is simpler to create an experience that meets all their needs and, thus, increase their relevance in the purchase decisions of the modern consumer.

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