England is the country in which they arose. Its appearance was due to the very poor living conditions that workers had to face during the Industrial Revolution. Low wages and long working hours made it impossible to achieve a decent standard of living, which is why, at the welfare level, the Church and the government cee land for cultivation. In this way, the families of the workers could alleviate their food nees.

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The first objective, therefore, of the urban gardens was focuse on self sufficiency. This guideline would also be followe at the beginning China Mobile Database of the 20th century, a period marke by the two bloody World Wars in which Western nations participate especially the Unite Kingdom, Germany and the Unite States . It is then when the provision of public spaces for urban gardens becomes a national nee to supply the population in the complicate.

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In fact, the symbolic power of urban gardens, also understood as a form of resistance to the enemy and national pride, can be seen in the billboards of the time. However, in the sixties and seventies of the last century, a turning point in terms WS Phone List of urban gardens was going to take place, without the objective of self supply disappearing either . The protagonists of this change in trend are the contestational social movements linke to the so calle New Left, which question certain dynamics of capitalism.


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