Use Waze On achieve their goalsThey hold leadership shares in traditional markets, have a positioning strategy, their brand is strong in front of the consumer and they have solid distribution channels, among others. These are the so calle incumbent” companies that, today, react to the threat that innovative start ups can represent for their traditional business model. Until not long ago when some meia spoke of the “incumbents” they use to refer only to the telecommunications companies that enjoye a dominant.

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Position in the market. In the Spanish case, it was common to speak of Telefónica now Movistar or Vodafone as incumbent Algeria Mobile Database operators”. Today, it is common to apply this Anglicism, accepte in the world of business and marketing, to those companies that have a dominant market share in a certain sector. Inditex, Movistar, Gas Natural or Renfe are clear exponents of incumbent companies in the Spanish market.

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A dominant position in their respective sectors. Trouble context for an incumbent In recent years, many markets although some more than others have undergone great transformations, accelerate by the emergence of a true digital revolution that WS Phone List has already cracke and, if not, is in the process of breaking traditional marketing and relationship channels. company client. It is also just as true that there are some business sectors that have “clicke” more drastically than others and have seen how emerging companies with a renovating value proposition found a place in very traditional markets , which seeme not very permeable to innovation.


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