The relationship between the employee and his direct supervisor, the work environment that exists in the company at that time, should be consulte. time, or the characteristics of the job. What questions should appear in an employee’s exit interview As an example, you can take into consideration some examples of questions.

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That should appear when you are preparing an exit interview. How long have you been thinking about leaving the company Reasons Romania Mobile Database for leaving the company search for new challenges, if they offer you a job more in line with your expectations, both work and money, lack of motivation, personal reasons, relationships with colleagues or superiors, return to studies, time for yourself.

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Know the degree of satisfaction of the worker in the company, regarding various issues such as salary, work environment, opportunities WS Phone List for improvement, workload, team, labor relations, recognition of achievements… If the employee considers that he has contribute something to the company, and vice versa, if the company has contribute something to him.


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