Table of Contents I consider myself a person with an international vision, I was born in Barcelona and I have been very lucky to be able to live in Malaysia, South Korea, the Unit States and here in Spain, where I am currently. NITASURI is an exclusive and international luxury handbags brand, distributing our products internationally and producing them in Braque . NITASURI is currently in Lanzadera , an accelerator and startup incubator direct by Juan Rig. It is my passion and vision since I creat the company inwith my mother , the designer Montsec Friezes, who inspir me to undertake, since years ago.

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She had the brand distributing it in Japan and the US, having stores Japan Email List in Barcelona. She is all inspiration and motivation to me . NitasuriTo what extent do you think the digital world is important for the growth of current companies? I believe that the digital world is currently essential to be able to develop and internationalize a brand . As we are constantly distributing in department stores, it is a great opportunity to use the digital world so that our customers can learn more about us through the website and all the digital material we have.What do you think are the biggest advantages of online commerce over offline? Do you think that any offline company today should have ecommerce or web.

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From my point of view, every brand should have a website , since it is WS Phone List a showcase and a broader way to reach your target audience. It is a great opportunity to use the digital world so that our clients can know more about us. Dove Yumi by NITASURI CLICK TO TWEET. If you were given a choice, what digital marketing strategies would you invest in? SEO, SEM, RRSS.The essential thing is to have good RRSS and a web page where the brand values ​​are represent before starting to invest in some type of marketing strategy . In our case, being fashion, we are starting to invest in Facebook Ads, since we consider it a good method to reach our target audience.

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